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Новая Анонс

Dried solid logs from Artern Karelia. 100% natural wood, 0% glue. This “air castle” will keep the wind out for good. No finishing work needed outside or inside. Wall thickness can vary based on climate.



If you are in the process of selecting materials to make a new home, we hope that you will look no further than pine grown in the harsh conditions of the European North. A modern wooden house is an eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and safe home which will serve you and your family for years to come.
If you have already decided that your new home will be made of wood, allow us to demonstrate why our company is the best choice for your project:


Our company is located in Karelia, one of the northernmost and ecologically purest forested areas of Russia. Almost the whole of the region is covered in lakes and forests; Finland borders Karelia to the west. Our houses are made without the use of glue — what could be more eco-friendly than nature's own material, wood?

Arctic Pine

The pine used to make our houses is grown in northern Karelia, situated between the Finnish border in the west and the White Sea in the east. We harvest the pine in the winter, when the wood is denser and with reduced moisture content, making it more suitable for home construction.

Quality. Safety. Energy Efficiency.

Artern Karelia is a modern, up-to-date company with the latest high-precision equipment and experienced specialists. All of this lets the company make high-quality modern wooden homes. After production, each part of the future house is treated with a special colourless antiseptic fire-resistant solution, protecting the wood from moisture and flame. And need we add that wood's heat isolation far exceeds other materials, which offers you significant savings on home heating costs.

How We Work

In addition to producing your house, we can arrange for its delivery to a warehouse in your city as well as customs processing in the United Kingdom. Our reliable partners include transport and freight forwarding companies in all areas of the UK. We are a sizable company but not a lumbering corporation: this allows us to take an individual approach to the needs of our clients.

Affordable Prices

The price for your house includes the house itself, delivery to the United Kingdom, insurance, customs fees in Russia and the UK, VAT for export to the UK, and the services of all of our partners who will help to perform this work. We tell you not only the price, but the total amount of all of your expenses in the process — your house will cost much less than the Finnish or Swedish equivalent. The reason is simple: production costs are much lower in Russia than in EU countries.

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