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Новая Анонс

Dried solid logs from Artern Karelia. 100% natural wood, 0% glue. This “air castle” will keep the wind out for good. No finishing work needed outside or inside. Wall thickness can vary based on climate.



Artern Karelia is a modern, steadily expanding company engaged in the production of environmentally friendly wooden homes. The company was established on 8 September 2005.

Initially, our company was simply named Artern. But after five years of steady and high-quality work, in 2011 the Governor of the Republic of Karelia — despite the “Republic” in our name, we are still very much a part of Russia—granted us the right to include the Karelia name in our company's nomenclature. Thus since 2011 we have proudly carried the name of Artern Karelia.

Western Europe comprises our main sales market, and as such we consistently endeavour to meet Western European requirements and standards for product quality, warranty guarantees, insurance, documentation, export and import processes, transport, and construction.

We make it as convenient and easy as possible for clients to work with us. That's why our company does not just produce a house for you — we also arrange for delivery to a warehouse in your city, customs processing in the United Kingdom, and of course, performance of our warranty guarantees. We are delighted to work with our clients and exchange documents in English.

Our reliable partners in the United Kingdom include transport and freight forwarding companies in different areas of the country.

In production, our company employs a multilevel quality assurance system:
– selection of high-quality timber for the initial stage
– production of house parts in precise accordance with the design documentation
– verification measurements of house part sizes by our quality assurance service

The timber used to make our houses grows in Karelia, so our company scrupulously adheres to responsible forestry rules, specifically:
– the requirements of the Forestry Code of the Russian Federation
– the requirements of the Forestry Plan of the Republic of Karelia
– the requirements of forestry technical regulations of the Republic of Karelia
– We neither harvest nor acquire timber grown in coastal forests (on the banks of rivers and lakes).
– the requirements for construction of temporary logging roads
– forest restoration and planting rules

As of 1 January 2010, the total surface area of forests in Karelia was 55,000 square miles. The region's total timber reserves make up 34.3 million cubic feet. These timber reserves are still increasing, at a rate of approximately 500,000 cubic feet per year.

For more about the Republic of Karelia, one of Russia's environmentally purest regions, take a glance at our Karelia section.

To read about all stages of production of our wooden homes, go to our Production Steps section.

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