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Dried solid logs from Artern Karelia. 100% natural wood, 0% glue. This “air castle” will keep the wind out for good. No finishing work needed outside or inside. Wall thickness can vary based on climate.



1. Intro
Artern Karelia makes wooden houses from dried profiled logs. For timber, we use pine grown in northern Karelia at the latitude of the Arctic Circle.

Dried profiled logs are a high-quality construction material. When processed and dried with special technologies, logs can be trimmed precisely to the right profile and size with great ease. The resulting solid dried profiled logs have grooves, notches, and smooth (finished) surfaces on the sides. The dried profiled logs do not require additional trimming—they arrive to the customer completely ready to install. The surface is processed with great care, such that the wood is practically polished. So no materials are required for interior detail work, which means greater savings for homeowners.

The architecture of wooden houses from solid profiled logs is calming and balanced, creating a space that feels cosy. Solid-log homes help us to remain in touch with nature and feel its vitality. A house from solid logs truly can be called a living thing. The air inside a house of solid profiled logs is protected from carbon dioxide build-up and excessive moisture thanks to wood's natural ventilation. The filtration that wood offers is particularly important in today's less-than-pristine environments.

2. Timber
For our timber, we use pine trees found in northern Karelia. The forests of northern Karelia, which we use in our production, are no different from the forests found in our neighbour Finland and which are used by Finnish manufacturers. The quality of northern timber, grown at the latitude of the Arctic Circle, exceeds that of southern-grown varieties: northern timber grows for much longer, contains less moisture, and is of greater density.

3. Types of logs that we manufacture:

Logs type 1 type 2 type 3 type 4
height 135 mm 135 mm 142 mm 192 mm
width 55 mm 95 mm 140 mm 190 mm

However, climate conditions sometimes require novel solutions. The photo below, for example, shows a solid log (142 mm high and 230 mm wide) which is used extremely rarely — it is suitable for use only in the reaches of the very far north.

4. Eco-friendly
Whole timber is a truly natural material. Our profiled logs are 100% natural — 0% glue. As a construction material, laminated logs are in some ways superior to dried solid logs: for example, they do not have the cracks typical of dried wood. But ask yourself the question: “Are laminated logs even actually wood?” If building were just a matter of narrow technical specifications, you could build a brick house and call it a day. Brick is more practical and durable than wood, among other things, thanks to the physics, heat science, and chemistry that have gone into it. But when you select bricks, glue, or concrete, you select a building material. When you select natural wood, you are selecting a way of life. Laminated logs are 1–2% glue by weight. Seems piddling, no? But if your house weighs 100,000 pounds, this means that 2,000–4,000 pounds consist of glue alone. Does 2,000 to 4,000 pounds of pure glue in your walls and floors seem like a little or a lot to you?

5. Quality, safety, energy efficiency
Our homes are absolutely safe: they are made entirely of wood, the most natural of materials.
Wood is a long-lasting material, with many examples to prove its durability. Wooden components are treated with special antiseptics that protect them from moisture, preserve the colour, and prevent rot.
Wooden walls (from pine or fir) hold in heat several times greater than equivalent-thickness walls made of brick (depending on the ambient humidity, type of brick, quality of the mortar, etc.). This reduces your heating costs. Because the timber has been dried in our kilns, the house will have minimal shrinkage, equivalent to that of laminated logs.

6. Best price:quality ratio
Karelia is situated on the border of Russia with Finland, with the same forests as our Finnish neighbours. Many Finnish and Swedish furniture companies (such as Ikea) and wooden house manufacturers (such as Vuokatti) buy their timber in Karelia.
Wooden houses from Karelia and Finland are practically identical. The difference is that Finnish ones are much more expensive due to high taxes, larger salaries, and the like. We offer a worthy alternative that is every bit their equal.

For information about the order process for UK customers, please have a look at our Order Process.

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