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Новая Анонс

Dried solid logs from Artern Karelia. 100% natural wood, 0% glue. This “air castle” will keep the wind out for good. No finishing work needed outside or inside. Wall thickness can vary based on climate.


Production Steps

Picture Steps
1. Timber harvesting
Our company makes houses from pine found in northern Karelia. When harvesting, we use modern equipment and observe all regulations. The timber found in northern Karelia, which we use in our products, is identical to the timber in Finland that is used by Finnish manufacturers.
2. Removing timber from the forest
Our harvesting vehicles transport the timber from the forest.
3. Tree nursery
We nurture young trees in the greenhouses of our tree nursery. When the saplings grow larger, they are moved outside.
4. Planting saplings
Planting young saplings in the forest.
5. Selecting high-quality timber
For manufacturing our homes, we select only straight and even trees — after all, we are making solid log homes, not laminated ones.
6. Sawing
The tree trunk is sawed, producing logs with square ends.
7. Timber drying
The logs are placed in kilns until they reach the necessary moisture level. The process takes 20 days (we perform it slowly and carefully to minimise cracks and warping of the wood). This is why our wooden houses have almost zero shrinkage.
8. Sorting
Even after careful efforts, however, timber can still sometimes warp and crack. Only wood that is even and free of large cracks will be used further in the production process. Since we use solid timber with moisture of 15–18% — not wood pieces that have been glued together — the crack will run from the centre to the edge (we do not allow cracks wider than 3 millimetres). This small crack will give the wood the appearance typical of natural wood.
9. Profiling
After sorting, the straight dried logs are milled to give them the right profile and make the walls airtight. We profile the timber when it has shrunken in size, after drying. This means that the home, when built, will experience almost no shrinkage — thanks to the use of dried timber.
10. Joints
Joints are cut at a lathe on every log in the places where the design documentation calls for wall corners.
11. Accessories
The homes are equipped with beams, trusses, and floorboards.
12. Numbering and verification measurements
Since the house will need to be assembled, each included part is marked and numbered in accordance with the house assembly instructions. The assembly instructions clearly indicate the place for each and every part during assembly. We send these instructions to the client in advance of arrival of the house itself. When numbering the parts, we also perform quality assurance by taking timber moisture values and verification measurements of part sizes.
13. Timber treatment
At the desire of the client (this is included in the price), we can treat the kit parts with antiseptic and fire-resistant solution.
14. Preparation for shipment
The house parts are packed and loaded in containers for shipment to the client. At the client's desire, we can send the entire kit at once (several containers) or in parts (one container at a time).


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